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Asan Daroo

Asan Daroo is an application for digitizing the traditional process of buying and delivering medicine to all its users. It is a project with a big, forward-looking view of the Middle East.

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What we did for  Asan Daroo 

As a consultant and an Easy Drug application design team, we worked closely with them to meet the owners’ demands and help them reach the market and the initial stages of building our product.
In the program’s first phase, the focus was on specific patients in a corona pandemic and traffic restrictions that, along with drug shortages in some countries, including Iran, made life difficult for them.
It was an issue that our specialists, with compassion and eagerness to help their patients, became more involved in this project so that they could design the easiest and fastest flow of use for users.

Persona #3:
Pharmacy Employee

Persona #1 :
Patient's family
Persona #2 :
Pharmacy Owner

What we fixed ?

In the Middle East, especially in Iran, the shortage of drugs in pharmacies is rampant, and finding rare medicines for specific diseases is a great challenge for patients and their families. It will be easy for the drug to try to find medicines instead and build them. Inform patients’ families about the availability of drugs in a public database and send digital requests to pharmacies.
What can be a big step towards helping patients, our team as user experience design specialists, taking into account the comfort and sensitive conditions of patients and their families, put their research on users as well as market needs and pharmacies on the table to Design their own comfortable experience with the hope of health for all patients.

What work we did?

Our experienced team began the progress by researching the real needs of the two prominent personalities, patients’ families, and pharmacy staff, who were able to meet what could be expected to meet the needs of the product owner through face-to-face interviews as well as targeted surveys.
This research was conceived in the form of wireframes after approval by product managers and after permission was left to designers to design a suitable and efficient appearance based on branding rules. Still, the final test under the supervision of the product owner was a process that helped the team a lot to be more sure of their plan.

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